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Sell Land, Development Projects & Portfolios of Residential Lots with “Project Listings”

A frequent question we hear at is from sellers and their brokers asking how they should create their listings when selling residential development projects, land for development or multiple residential lots in bulk. Because was created to meet the needs of professionals in the homebuilding and residential real estate development industries, we have just the tools that are needed to help sellers market – and help buyers find! – these types of multi-lot and development property listings. A Common Need — Selling Multiple Lots or Development Projects It’s common for residential developers and homebuilders to need to sell…

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Lots and Land Development: How do you know when the Market is Ready?

By all indications, the U.S. economy is slowly recovering from the Great Recession. There are all sorts of numbers and metrics used to take the temperature of the economy: The unemployment rate and other “jobs numbers” Consumer confidence Retail sales Manufacturing inventory levels Housing starts Building permits In the real estate and home construction industries, especially, there seems to be good, reliable data to gauge and assess the health of the marketplace, such as residential starts,  construction spending, new home sales, existing home sales and home value trends. Where is the Development Industry’s Standard? But to date, we’ve found no…

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