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Convert Square Feet to Acres for Land

Square Feet to Acres Conversion Tool Helps You Easily Calculate Acreage of Your Land. The more your work in real estate the more you see that each state or local market has a different way of doing things.  One of those differences is the unit of measurement that is most commonly used in each market for describing the area of a lot or parcel of land. In the United States most people typically refer to land area in either square feet (ft²) or acres. Despite that, you still may find that some places use entirely different units of measurement for surveys and land, and you even may see that…

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New Features Keep You on Top of the Market…and Keep the Market Looking at You is launching several new features this month to help give our members an edge when looking for that perfect property – and to help buyers find your property listings quickly and easily. Saved Searches: The new saved searches feature allows members to save search criteria for any number of custom searches. Select the location, price and acreage parameters and then save the search criteria to rerun the search anytime, with the click of a button. Agents: Set up custom searches for each of your buying clients. Builders and developers: Monitor the market while looking for your next project. Potential homeowners:…

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