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Reach More Lot & Land Buyers: Upgrade Your MLS Listings on

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Real estate agents…if you’ve got residential lot or land listings on MLS, do you find that they’re lost in a sea of listings for homes? Homes with beautiful bathrooms and updated kitchens?’s “Auto-Upgrading” feature makes it easy for you to more successfully reach active lot and land buyers – because MLS may be great for selling homes but it’s not so great for selling lots and land.

With the Auto-Upgrading feature you can automatically upgrade any of your syndicated MLS listings that are on to Premium or Featured Listings. It takes just seconds and you do not have to reenter any of your listing information. You are free to add more information into our custom lot and land selling template, but it’s not required.

And most importantly, upgrading your listings increases the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by making your properties both more visible and more useful to the active lot and land buyers that are searching, which helps you close deals.  Learn more about the Auto-Upgrading feature here and see step-by-step instructions for Auto-Upgrading in this article.

Chart showing the benefits of upgrading Basic Listings to Premium or Featured

It Takes More Than Just MLS To Reach Lot & Land Buyers

You probably understand that selling lots and land is different from selling homes, and requires different strategies to be successful.  And while MLS usually is a no-brainer place to start with your latest listing, MLS is primarily designed for selling existing homes and for reaching home buyers.

You need to do more than MLS when selling residential lots and land. is designed to help you connect with active lot and land buyers, like potential homeowners looking to build from the ground up, home builders, investors and real estate developers.

What’s a Basic Listing, and Why is it Not Enough?

Syndicating listings is a great way for real estate agents to reach a broader audience when marketing properties for their clients. has teamed with industry leaders to display syndicated listings from MLS associations across the nation, and then filters those listings to only display lot and land listings for our audience of buyers. And unlike some other real estate listing websites where your listings may be syndicated, is serious about protecting agents by never putting other agents’ contact information in your listings and never inserting other agents into our lead platform (buyers know that it is your listing and all leads come directly to you only). has over 350,000 syndicated listings nationwide – these MLS listings are called “Basic” Listings on

But Basic Listings are, well…basic. And if you really want to get the best visibility and marketing exposure for your lot and land listings, then you should upgrade them to Premium or Featured Listings. This is even easier to do with the Auto-Upgrading feature.

By upgrading to a Premium or Featured Listing you get:

  • Custom Listing Template Created for Selling Lots & Land

Basic Listings are based on MLS listing templates that mostly are designed for selling homes. Depending on your local system, adding a lot or land listing in MLS can be like trying to fit a square peg in a round hole – you shouldn’t be asked to describe “Number of Bedrooms” when selling vacant land!

Screenshot of listing showing type of land-focused listing information in listings on

Only Premium and Featured Listings include this kind of land-focused information uses a proprietary lot and land-focused listing template for its Premium and Featured Listings that was created by industry experts to help you successfully showcase your property to lot and land buyers. The listing template is unique because it cues you to easily include important land-focused information, so when you have the info you have the option to add buildable area, status of site improvements, utilities details and other significant property information. All of this is relevant land-buying information that lot and land buyers need and that you won’t find in MLS and Basic Listings.

By Upgrading your MLS/Basic listing to a Premium or Featured listing your MLS/Basic listing’s information is automatically pre-populated into the site’s custom listing template, saving you time and effort. Then just add whatever additional land-selling information you desire. Easy.

Plus you can help the right kind of buyers find your listing on by identifying the property as a “Project Listing” if it’s a bulk set of lots or a site that can be developed into multiple parcels, ideal for builders and developers.  Likewise, identify the listing as a “Turnkey Listing” if it is owned by (or affiliated with) a builder that will build a Turnkey home for a buyer on the vacant lot.

  • Appear in Top of Search Results

Visibility sells. Your MLS/Basic Listings simply are not going to be seen as frequently by buyers on because they do not receive priority in search results. In contrast,’s Featured Listings are shown at the top of search results – above all Premium Listings and Basic Listings on the site. Premium Listings also get great visibility by being displayed above the 250,000+ Basic Listings. The listings that are seen first by buyers are more successful, so upgrading your Basic Listings to Premium or Featured will dramatically increase your visibility and exposure. 

  • Unlimited Photos and Attachments

Buyers love photos. It’s well known that online listings that include photographs of a property simply are clicked and viewed more frequently by buyers when compared to those without photos. Images can help you successfully sell a property.

Premium and Featured Listings may include as many photos and attachments as you wish, but Basic Listings on only show one photo from the MLS data. By Upgrading a Basic Listing, all of your other photographs automatically will be imported from your MLS data into your new Premium or Featured Listing. Then you can add as many additional photographs and attachments as you wish, like surveys, site plans, building plans, environmental reports and any other information that can help you sell the property.

  • Additional Marketing Benefits for Featured Listings

Featured Listings get the most marketing exposure, and are seen in customized advertisements throughout – in highly visible locations on the web site, including the Home Page and other key pages. Plus, Featured Listings are featured in e-mail newsletters and social media channels.

But perhaps one of the most exciting benefits of Featured Listings is the exclusive Featured Listing Offsite Ad Program. Only Featured Listings on Featured Listings are advertised on a network of more than 100 web receive the benefit of our Featured Listing Ad Program where our LotNetwork Ad Team creates actual, customized banner ads for your property that are run on a network of more than 100 relevant web sites about real estate, finance, home building, construction, investment and more. All at no additional charge with your Featured Listing. And this is not just re-syndicating or distributing your listing like some web sites claim; LotNetwork creates actual banner ads for your property that are run on relevant web sites like Builder Online or (or golf web sites for golf course properties and horse enthusiast web sites for equestrian properties).  Read more about the Featured Listing Ad Program. You won’t find a benefit quite like this on other real estate marketing sites.

Image of the Upgrade Listing button in Basic or MLS Listings on


So if you syndicate your listings, sign up on for a Featured or Premium listing plan and then search for your Basic Listings. All you have to do is click the orange “Upgrade Listing” button in each of your Basic Listings (see image to the left), and in seconds you will have successfully — and automatically — upgraded them to Featured or Premium listings.  Read more here about the Auto-Upgrading feature and the easy steps for upgrading your MLS listings to Premium or Featured Listings on



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