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Online Customer Support Center Helps You Get More Out of

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We have launched our new Online Customer Support Center and think you will really love how it enhances your customer service experience on and helps you get more out of your membership.

The Online Customer Support Center is the newest feature that adds to’s customer-focused philosophy, and joins our existing 24-7 telephone hotline and customer support email interfaces.  Now there are 3 ways that you can get help and support on

Help & Support Icons

Site Updates & Improvements

You may have noticed that we’ve added a number of major site improvements at over the past few months. One of the most obvious is that the entire web site has received a visual update, with the new design being both more attractive and user friendly.  In addition, we have enhanced our search functionality on the site by refining our search algorithms and adding a prominent search box in the middle of the Home page, making it easier for potential buyers to find the properties that fit their needs. We also added new Resource Pages to provide tips and tools for those considering buying lots and land; selling lots and land; financing construction or a purchase; designing a home; and building a home. And we now have new Pro Pages for Agents and Brokers and for Builders and Developers, to help explain how can help you when you are an industry professional.

A lot has been happening at The new Online Customer Support Center is another site improvement that we really think will help you get more out of your membership.

Features of the New Support Center

Our Online Customer Support Center is powered by Freshdesk (, one of the leading cloud-based customer service systems on the Internet. This new platform uses state of the art ticket tracking technology and provides numerous customer support interfaces. Many other leading companies like choose to use a software solution like Freshdesk because it allows our customer service and support systems to be constantly updated and refined by the programmers on the Freshdesk team. This allows the team to provide the best customer service possible while focusing on our expertise and main objective of connecting buyers and sellers of residential lots and land.

The new Online Customer Support Center is a quick, easy and powerful way for you to find the support and answers you need to get the most out of your experience. At our Support Center you can:

  • Search our Knowledge Base for helpful tips, hints and information about using
  • See the answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Create a new Customer Service “ticket” to send questions or help requests to our Customer Service Team
  • Track all of your existing Customer Support tickets
  • Submit feedback, suggestions and new feature requests
  • Propose new Customer Support article topics for our Knowledge Base
  • Participate in Customer Service community forums about using
  • And much more!

Search our Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base is a searchable library of articles that will help you use The Knowledge Base includes screenshots, descriptions and detailed explanations about using the various features on Browse or search for answers to your questions. Use our Knowledge Base to learn about listing types, listing plans and how to manage your listings. Find instructions on how to replace or recover your password. See details about our pricing and how you can get up-to-20% off the price of a regular listing plan subscription.

Use Tickets for Tracking

The “ticket”-based system allows all of the communications related to your Customer Support question or request to be tracked together. It really works great for tracking email discussions and any updates you add directly to a ticket on the customer service portal. Each new topic gets a new ticket, and you may have multiple tickets at any given time (we will merge or combine tickets if a new one inadvertently is created for an issue that already is covered by an existing ticket). All of your tickets will be tracked based on your customer service profile (see more below). This ticket-based system helps’s Customer Service team provide even better service to you.

Feedback & Suggestions Are Welcome

If you see an issue we need to address, notice a glitch on the web site or just have a great idea that you want to share, let us know.’s Online Support Center makes it easy for you to report issues, provide feedback, propose new Knowledge Base articles/topics and suggest new features by simply submitting a ticket through our support center portal.

Customer Support Forums

Our new Customer Support Center also allows the community to help each other. You can create forum topics related to tips for using or ask other users for help. Be sure to keep the subject matter to help and customer support topics, like questions about using features, posting listings, etc. – these Customer Support Forums are not intended for solicitations, spam,  marketing properties, selling products/services, or (of course) inappropriate behavior. Our community moderators will monitor the posts regularly to provide support on the forums and to keep the topics on point.

Customer Support Center Log In & Profile

You can search and use most of the Customer Support Center’s features without logging in, but you also can create your own customer service profile that lets you do more in the Online Customer Support Center. With a profile you can easily track all of your customer service tickets that were created using that profile. You also can create and comment on forum topics when you have a profile. This profile only is tied to the Online Customer Support Center experience and is not related to your primary Email (your username) and Password used for your listings, subscriptions or search tools. We do suggest that you use the same email address as you use for the rest of so that we can easily coordinate your Customer Support tickets with your account.


So remember, with the addition of our Online Support Center there now are 3 ways for you to get help and customer support on

  1. Online Customer Support Center
  2. Email to Customer Service Team (at
  3. Customer Service Telephone Hotline (at 888-662-3757)

We hope you find these customer service options helpful. Let us know what you think about the new Online Support Center.

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