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New Years Resolutions for Selling Property in 2014 — And A Look Back At Some Hot Topics

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Happy New Year from, and here’s to a great 2014 for you whether you are selling residential lots and land, buying property for a new home or project, or building and developing to sell new homes.  We covered many useful real estate and homebuilding topics in 2013, and will give you a brief overview of some of our most popular posts from the past year that you can use throughout this new year too. Fireworks and 2014 Happy New Year for Selling Property

List Now & Sell Your Property with these 3 New Years Resolutions

Start off your new year with a fresh look at your property listings.  Our New Years resolutions article gives property Sellers 3 tips for getting your property sold:

(1)  I resolve to re-energize my selling efforts,

(2)  I resolve to use targeted marketing to the right kind of buyers, and

(3) I resolve to be realistic about my price.

Read the full article for more details. Accomplish these 3 simple things (come on, it’s not like losing 15 pounds!), and you can get your property sold.

10 Top Green Home Building Ideas 

Green home building techniques are increasingly being incorporated into homes, as the technology becomes more common and affordable. So even if you do not choose to have your home certified as “Green”, this article lists 10 Green Home ideas that you can consider including in your new home.

Top Apps for Building a Home with Your Smartphone (or helping your clients!)

We reviewed and compiled 3 lists of Smartphone Apps for helping potential homeowners — and their home buying and building team — build a new home:

(1) a list of Apps for the potential homeowner who wants to build a new home, to help with the search and new home planning process,

(2) another 10 Apps for real estate agents and brokers that can help you impress your clients, and

(3) our top Apps that can be used by home builders and developers for building new homes, covering everything from site selection, to the planning process, to working in the field.

Subdividing Land — Tips for Landowners from a  Developer

Landowners with larger lots or parcels often wonder: Should I subdivide my land? This series of articles gives some real world advice about evaluating whether you should subdivide land, as well as some tips and lessons learned about subdividing land. There will be more to come on this topic in 2014.

Seven Land Buying Nightmares To Avoid

Most people buy land without encountering problems but, as with any major purchase, it helps to know about potential issues so that you can avoid them. This article describes 7 land buying nightmares, and covers some scary issues that can range from chainsaws and graveyards to your mother-in-law. It’s all explained in the full article.

Photos Sell Real Estate: Tips for Great Photos for Lot & Land Listings

Research shows that you always should include property photos in your online listings when you are selling property, otherwise your listings will be overlooked by buyers. This article describes the best types of property photos to use to help you sell your lot and land listings faster and for more money, and includes samples of what to do (and what not to do). Read the companion article too that describes how to use screenshots and cropping to improve your existing photos or to create aerial photos of your lot and land listings (even when you don’t have any photos of your property at all). Great information for both landowners selling property and their agents.


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