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List Now & Sell Your Property with these 3 New Year’s Resolutions

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If you want to sell a property, the first thing you must do is actively and aggressively market it. To find the right buyer, you have to have the right exposure. But it’s amazing how many people don’t properly market their properties or simply fail to list them at all. Whether you are a real estate agent, a homebuilder or an unwilling property owner, you are missing out if you have not recently reviewed your marketing efforts and created a targeted online listing to sell your lot, land or other property to the right type of buyer.

Fireworks - Celebrate a New Year for Selling Property

It’s not too late to make resolutions this year to take a few simple steps to aggressively market – and actually sell – your real estate.

I RESOLVE: I will renew and re-energize my efforts to sell my properties.

Procrastination? Seller’s fatigue? Listing-phobia? Not enough time? Not sure what to do next? What is your reason for not taking full advantage of the tools available that will help you sell your property?

The New Year is a great time to evaluate and renew your efforts, whether it’s improving your health, re-focusing your work life or selling your properties. Start by making sure your listing information is up-to-date and accurate, and consider some fresh copy or new photographs. Then, determine whether you need new “for sale” signage on the property, or clean and repair what is there. Also, make sure your properties for sale are clean of debris, well-kept and presentable. Lastly, review your marketing strategy and consider whether you’re making the most of the tools available to you for getting your property listing in front of buyers, and whether a new or additional approach might be helpful.

I RESOLVE: I will market my properties to targeted buyers.

Would you try to sell a luxury sedan on a website that sells farm tractors? You need to make sure you are marketing your property to the people who are actively searching for – and want to buy – the type of property you are selling.

If you really want to sell, you should add listings to websites that target specific buyers. If it’s a home, in addition to the local multiple listing service (MLS) look for other online resources that help you market to people that want to buy that type of house. For example, you may want to market a lake house on If it’s a commercial property, you should consider marketing on websites that focus on commercial listings. And when selling a residential lot, land or development project you can target your listings to sell to lot buyers, homebuilders and real estate developers on

I RESOLVE: I will be realistic about pricing my property so that it sells.

Pricing your property properly will help it sell more quickly. But coming up with the right sales price can be one of the biggest struggles that you face when selling a property. Of course everyone wants sell at the best price possible, but if a property is priced too high it may turn away potential buyers and have a direct impact on how long it takes to sell.

Sometimes pricing is determined by circumstances – a seller may be more willing to decrease the price if they are in distress, and sometimes we don’t have a choice about the price because of existing mortgages or other financial restraints. Too often owners just pick a number that they think is the “right” price – but many times it really is the “wrong” price.

Ultimately, it’s pretty straightforward. A property needs to be priced at or near market value to attract buyers. Consider working with a qualified real estate agent who understands the market, can research comparable sales data and help you properly price your property to sell. But remember you will need to be realistic, and listen to the advice you’re given…even if it is not what you want to hear.

Start Today By Adding and Updating Property Listings

Feel energized? Make a quick list of some specific tasks that you can tackle to help you get your property sold and then get working. For starters, you can improve your market exposure with a new or updated listing. It takes about five minutes to add a new listing on from the very computer you are looking at now. That’s it. Just about five minutes of your time will get your property in front of active buyers of residential lots and land, and get you one step closer to selling.


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    • Steve at says

      Thanks for the nice comment. And you are right, MJ. The need for highly targeted marketing is overlooked by many sellers and agents. MLS has its role, but it simply is not targeted and often should not be the limit of a seller’s marketing plan. Sellers (and their agents) should use resources that target their marketing efforts to the buyers who are searching for their type of property.

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