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One of the primary benefits of placing your residential lot and land listings on is that we expand your marketing network to lot and land buyers you normally would not reach, and Featured Listings already receive the highest exposure on the web site. Well, now we’ve expanded our Featured Listing program to give you huge new exposure to even more buyers, with customized advertisements displayed on more than 100 major web sites…for FREE.  Boom.

Customized Advertisements for Your Property Help You Sell Land & Lots

We make it easier for you to sell land online through this new ad program. Now when you post your residential lot and land listings on as Featured listings, our team will design and place customized ads for your Featured listings on a network of more than 100 key real estate, homebuilding, investment and related sites across the Google Display Network – this is Google’s powerful advertising network which is the #1 global display ad network and reaches over 90% of internet users worldwide. Each of your custom Featured Listing ads will have a direct link back to your Featured Listing page on

Sample of a Custom Featured Listing Ad (size 728x90)

These ads are highly visible and geo-targeted so potential homeowners, investors, builders, developers and real estate agents looking for lots and land in your area will see your custom advertisement. And we do all the work for you! Just sign up to sell your land as a Featured Listing on, and we will take care of the rest. Now that’s service.

It’s easy to get started with a Featured Listing…

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This is Different. You won’t See this Service on other Real Estate Web Sites.

Some real estate sites brag about giving your listing exposure on other web sites, but what this really means is that there simply is either a link or search portal back to their web site or its search template.’s Offsite Advertising program is different. We actually provide display advertisements (banner ads, skyscraper ads, leaderboard ads, etc.) for your Featured Listing on other major web sites, and – again – these advertisements link directly to your Featured Listing page on

The best part? This new ad program is provided at no additional cost to Featured Listing subscribers. That’s right, for a limited time we’re offering this Offsite Advertising program as a bonus for our subscribers with Featured Listings.

Sample Featured Listing Custom Ad (size 300 x 250)          Sample Featured Listing Custom Ad (size 300 x 250)

Featured Listings are our top listing option on They may cost a little more than Premium Listings, but there’s a reason. Featured Listings already provide the highest level of visibility on, with these listings appearing above all other listings (Premium and Basic) in search results. They also are featured in customized, on-site ad displays on’s home page and highly visible interior pages, as well as being featured in our social media channels. And like our Premium listings, Featured listings allow for unlimited photos and attachments, links to your web site, enhanced contact information with your photo and logo, and more. Click to read more about the benefits of Featured (and Premium) Listings.

Because this new off-site advertising program is exclusively available for Featured Listings, it’s just another reason to make sure you list your property as a Featured Listing on And because our Featured Listings are very reasonably priced compared to other real estate marketing sites, this new service just makes them that much more economical.

Get Unheard of Exposure Through Ads on Relevant Websites

With this new offsite ad program, posting a Featured Listing on not only ensures your listing is seen by the thousands of targeted buyers who are searching our site, but your listing also can be seen by thousands of other buyers on sites like NewHomeSource,,, and CustomHomeOnline in addition to Trulia, Zillow, and more. It’s an extremely economical way to access tremendous exposure to key lot and land buyers across the Internet.

Some of the Select Sites Targeted in the Featured Listing  Ad Program

We have hand-selected over 100 web sites to which your ad can be targeted based on subject-matter relevance and including topics like homebuilding, finance, investment and real estate. It’s all part of our customized service to you, so we hope you can appreciate that we don’t just run these custom ads on random websites without any thought. And geo-targeting ensures that your ads are displayed to people who are either located in the area or searching for relevant information near your property’s location.

These sites are part of the enormous Google Display Network.  Not surprisingly, The Google Display Network is the world’s top online ad network and has vast reach. Here’s an infographic with some details about the visibility of ads across this network:

Google Display Network Infographic

Source: Google Display Network. *Comscore, July 2013; **Mobile Display Audience Insights, MobiLens, Comscore, June 2013


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Auto-Upgrading Automatically Uploads Your Listing Data & Photos

For agents and brokers with MLS listings syndicated to, our Auto-Upgrading feature allows you to automatically create your listings from your existing MLS information and photos without reentering information. Learn more. Now you’re saving money and time while expanding your network exponentially. A bigger network plus more exposure equals a faster sale of your property.

Chicago-Area Multifamily Land for Sale - Sample Custom Featured Listing Ad (size 728x90)

It’s easy to sign up for a Featured Listing plan. Learn more and sign up here.

Check out our page dedicated entirely to Tips and Resources for Selling Lots & Land.

Agents and Brokers, check out our page that highlights some of our resources for real estate pros and how can help you and your business.

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